Excellence with Surprising Affordability

Skilled management enables Carebridge to preside at the marriage of excellence and affordability. A strong commitment to quality service is accompanied by a short string on fluff. This vendor knows how to sharpen the proverbial pencil on the Buyer’s behalf.

Vendors increasingly nickel and dime the Buyer with additional fee contingencies. The number of current contracts in which Carebridge has put forward a guarantee of no additional fees is at 96% of Book of Business.

In the 25 year history of the company, Carebridge has never imposed an increased rate on any Buyer.

Included within our quote will be:

For Employers currently struggling with the deficiencies of an “embed” EAP design, Carebridge will custom make a service meeting your requirements at attractive pricing.

Carebridge has been able to attract and retain even the most discerning clients. Excellence in service is key to this accomplishment. Excellence in pricing completes the circle.

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