Wellness and Integration with Buyer Health Services

The Carebridge Account Management Team will collaborate with key HR/benefit leaders to integrate the EAP and Life Management Services with the organization’s overall wellness program. Such a partnership results in increased safety and attendance, reduced medical and disability costs, and improved productivity.

Integration with Buyer Wellness and Disability programming typically generates the following types of Carebridge action:

This year Carebridge will inaugurate two significant enhancements of its wellness assistance services:

The Carebridge Center for Sustainable Motivation (CSM) will open to assist employees telephonically in their planning and efforts toward beneficial change of habits such as smoking cessation, weight control, substance abuse and other self-control issues. For many the key is in sustaining the positive motivation toward health. This service will enable strong support to the Buyer’s disability program.

The Carebridge Life Coaching Program will assist employees experiencing a key life transition such as a relocation, divorce, or new job. Working telephonically, the Life Coach will assist the employee through the stress of transition, to accomplish personal goals, and to create a plan for further success.

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