What’s New with Carebridge

Carebridge is rebranding in 2022!

Same mission.

Carebridge is excited to announce we are rebranding this year! While our brand identity will be different, we remain true to our mission of providing an accessible, impactful, and comprehensive EAP that provides mental health care and work-life solutions to organizations and their employees.

New look and feel.

Throughout the past 30 years, our services and capabilities have expanded to meet the needs of our customers. And while Carebridge continues to evolve our unique blend of traditional EAP services with innovative technology, we feel 2022 is the perfect time for our brand identity to reflect who we are today.


Our new logo represents human connection and our commitment to helping others in the three areas of life vital to mental wellbeing: Self, Home, and Work. The design element may look like a “C” for Carebridge but, if you look closely, there are other interpretations. You might see three diverse people sharing a common thought or goal. Or you might see one person in harmony with their home and work around them. Both these interpretations are correct—the icon symbolizes a person at the center of every interaction with Carebridge.

Color Palette & Fonts

Our new color palette features Soothing Blue (dark blue), Clary Sage (light green), and Cloudless Horizon (turquoise blue). These colors are purposefully calm, nurturing, and encouraging to reflect who we are and the services we provide as leaders in the EAP industry.

Our new fonts have a soft roundness that evokes approachability, compassion, and professionalism so that our written words align with our core values. 

From prevention to intervention, Carebridge can help.

We believe it’s important for a comprehensive EAP to offer both prevention and intervention services, so our refreshed messaging highlights our full spectrum of mental health care and work-life solutions. Whether it’s working with a certified life coach to reach your wellness goals, using our digital tools to practice mindfulness, requesting resources for easier life management, or speaking to one of our clinicians during your deepest moment of need, Carebridge can help.

Exciting things to come!

Whether you’re a longtime partner of Carebridge or just discovering us for the first time, we’re excited to rollout our new brand throughout 2022 and invite you to join us in our journey.

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