One significant key to heightened utilization grows out of synergies effected by the operation of a dynamic and organically seamless Life Management Program.

EXAMPLE: A woman or man in the midst of marital breakup contacts Carebridge for Life Management assistance with financial or housing needs – and is additionally provided an EAP Counselor to deal with pressing issues of grief, depression, or relationship stress. (Where the Life Management Program is outsourced or ineffective, this synergy does not occur.)

EXAMPLE: A parent needing special childcare arrangements may further be linked to an EAP Counselor to address a troubled parent-child relationship. (Where the Life Management Program is outsourced or ineffective, this synergy is highly improbable.)

A second source of stronger utilization rests in the fact that Carebridge Counselor continuity exceeds that of any other vendor. Your employee will in all probability deal with a single Life Management Counselor or EAP Case Manager again and again over a period of years. The client who experiences a choppy, consistently changing line-up of Counselors will simply cease to call the vendor.

A third factor is that well-done Life Management cases tend to circulate from the client to other employees down the hall. EAP cases tend to remain private. Life Management beneficiaries often share the good work done for them with other staff members who then contact Carebridge.

Strong Utilization is undergirded by:

  1. Technology making multiple access to assistance easy and interesting.
  2. Effective implementation and ongoing promotional and E publication programs.
  3. Compelling Engagement features.

Carebridge delivers all of the above, but recognizes that the quality of care we give to your employees is the ultimate driver of strong utilization.

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