Tech Savvy

woman using cell phone

Carebridge recognizes and responds to the accelerating speed of technological advance. Two considerations guide the vendor in this area of enterprise: 1) The frequently extreme condition in which clients contact the EAP; and 2) The broad set of technologies the client may use.

  1. When employees are in crisis or experiencing extremely difficult circumstances, they are best served by using the technology with which they are most comfortable and familiar. For many, this will mean face-to-face or traditional phone service. Others will feel more comfortable with video counseling or accessing services and resources through a smart phone app, chat, or text messaging. Carebridge deems it imperative to be able to work effectively in all of these options.
  2. Whether working in a traditional office, home office, warehouse, on the road or in the field, your employee will have easy access to vital Carebridge services. Electronic access options include: Smartphone app; social media presence; chat; encrypted video counseling, conferencing, and meetings; live webinars, in-house created custom videos on demand, certificate education courses for employees and managers; personal will and legal document preparation programs; as well as an extensive and contemporary member website. These, as well as new technologies being developed, allow Carebridge to offer a service that is not only high-tech but high touch as well.

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