The Condition

The human difficulties brought to an Employee Assistance Program 24/7 reflect the client’s deepest life concerns. Such troubles are so personal that the client hesitates to share them. If the client does not seek assistance, both the employee and the employer are put at risk. Competence, reliability and continuity must be maximized.

Carebridge faces a “throw away” culture. The relationships upon which fulfillment is based are in frequent jeopardy. Continuity of care is critical. Such continuity is too often hard to come by in the contemporary EAP industry service operation.

Carebridge Continuity

Maximizing relationship continuity is a primary focus of Carebridge service design.

  1. Every effort is made to set the client up with a provider who is also part of the Employer’s health program.
  2. Carebridge Corporation ownership has been the same since its inception in 1990. It will remain so. The result is continuity and consistency of service philosophy. Other vendors have changed in ownership, leadership and service philosophy again and again.
  3. Carebridge deems continuity of Account Managers to be of significant importance in its commitment to be a valuable Business Partner. Account Managers average more than 12 years as part of the Carebridge team.
  4. Carebridge Case Managers average over 10 years of tenure, thus being able to give guidance to an employee over an extended period of years.
  5. Carebridge Child Care and Eldercare Counselors average well over 10 years on the job. They will work with your employee’s changing Child Care or Eldercare needs on an ongoing basis … Reliable relationships that last.

As the Carebridge Brief states … “Short help is seldom quality help … Quality cries out for continuity … Carebridge, more than any other vendor, assures it.”

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