The EAP marketplace has largely become commoditized. The service one vendor gives is believed to be the same as any other vendor gives. But there are quality outliers. Carebridge is one of those.

A key part of the Carebridge differential resides in its refusal to reduce quality in ways Buyers are experiencing from vendors across the EAP industry.

  1. Once proud EAP’s are being acquired by conglomerates for whom EAP work is deemed tertiary, a secondary throw away enterprise. Service quality suffers significantly. Previously important Buyers may now be of little concern.
  2. Pricing pressures drive vendors to implement short cuts resulting in reduced service quality stripped of critically needed service components.
  3. The quality and attentiveness of Account Management has dramatically diminished.

It is tragic that, at the same time the above deficiencies have taken hold, your employees are encountering an aggravation of key stressors to debilitating levels.

  1. The 24/7 world of work.
  2. Pressures pursuant to accelerating organizational and technological change.
  3. An intensification of interpersonal difficulties.
  4. Unique and troubling problems in pandemic conditions.

It is a time in which your employees most want relationships they can believe in.

Carebridge is designed to meet that need.

Carebridge’s Book of Business – having Buyers of extraordinary stature – clearly is “Exhibit A” for a quality service well performed, relationships which can be trusted.

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