Account Management

Over the past decade, market pressures for reduced pricing have resulted in a precipitous decline in the quality and responsiveness of EAP Account Management. More and more accounts have been added to each Account Manager’s workload.

In addition, Account Managers have been given sales responsibilities for initial sales, cross-selling, and up-selling of other products which tend over time to become more expensive than quality EAP services to the Buyer. Your Carebridge Account Manager has only the goal of service to the Contractee. This becomes a critical difference.

Frequent turnover of Account Managers has become an industry norm. This undercuts business relationships, plans for service promotion, and knowledge of the Buyer company’s culture. Carebridge has accomplished a quarter century without change of name or ownership. It has unparalleled continuity of leadership, Account Management, and clinical teams.

Faithful responsiveness to you and your company’s needs is the singular task assigned to each Account Manager. Collaboration that is timely and attentive is a requirement of the job.

Your Carebridge Account Manager facilitates and coordinates crisis intervention and critical incidents, Management Consultations, Mandatory Referrals, responses to downsizing transition services, adjustments to organizational change, and close integration of the EAP and Buyer wellness initiatives.

A key responsibility of the Carebridge Account Manager is to collaboratively design communication and service promotion plans for your Company. Such plans are done annually.

Subtle and seldom articulated Account Management differences make Carebridge unique in the industry. For the snake-bit Buyer, Carebridge Account Management will prove a welcome antidote.

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