EAP With Strong Related Services

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The Carebridge organization addresses the EAP Buyer's need for faithful responsiveness in the face of pressing organizational and personal problems. It brings quality to a commoditized marketplace in which it is increasingly rare.

Carebridge provides a comprehensive Employee Assistance Program delivered by skilled professionals. Buyers craft the program desired from components best fitting their recognized needs:

  • EAP services easily available to your employees anywhere in the United States – and now addressing organizational and worker needs world-wide. Issues of engagement, presenteeism, resilience and productivity are key foci.
  • Life Management Services seldom equaled in the American marketplace. Not outsourced. Oriented to resolving the need or problem rather than the pro forma passing out of a few poorly calibrated referrals. Providing your staffer a wall of protection in the midst of child care and eldercare pressures. Bringing the employee the same Counselor/Coach over an extended period of years.
  • Financial Guidance on an unlimited basis done by Certified Financial Planners. In addition, the seamless assistance of EAP clinicians to deal with the stress often associated with fiscal pressures. Finance and debilitating emotions are frequent companions.
  • Wellness support for the organization or employee through the provision of motivation specialists undergirding and informing in such areas as stress management, smoking cessation, weight control and substance abuse. Significantly expanded by the new Carebridge Center for Sustainable Motivation. Life Coaching adds another key component to our wellness emphases
  • Legal assistance makes available either referral to an attorney or consultation with attorney for a 30-minute period at no cost. A discounted rate for the retention of the network referred attorney may also apply. Carebridge includes an extensive online library of legal articles plus the capacity to craft a will.

For organizational purposes, the Buyer will have an excellent selection of seminars, webinars, and other individual and group media to choose from. Health Fair representations are liberally included. The Bank of Hours made available will be unusually generous.

Of great import to the Employer will be unlimited critical incident services, unlimited Management Consultation, our case management of mandated referrals, and a generous provision of Management Training and Employee Orientation events.

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